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Jamworks is the Enhanced Learning Platform for engagement, analytics and inclusivity.

Automated note-taking allows students to focus, participate and be more present in class – safe in the knowledge that they will receive the full lecture recording, complete with immediate access to captioning and a word-for-word transcript.

Powerful analytics provide instructors and leadership with insightful data to help understand how students engage during class and while rewatching course content at a later date. Minute-by-minute heatmaps show with precision which sections of a lecture students find most useful or challenging.

Jamworks accommodates diverse learning styles with important features such as automated transcription, instant video sharing, captioning, custom playback speeds, enlarged text size, coloured backgrounds and more. Instructors also have the power to personalise the learning experience for individual students by creating playlists of key lecture segments with added study notes and research prompts. Because every student deserves to feel that they belong.


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  • Jamworks: Student Benefits

    22 Feb 2022 Jamworks
  • Introduction to Jamworks

    26 Oct 2021 Jamworks
  • Introduction to Jamworks

    26 Oct 2021 Jamworks
    Jamworks is a simple to use lecture capture platform with sophisticated security technology that gives institutions full control over who can access their course content, in what format, for how long ...
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