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Touchscreens. Intuitive. Simple. Effective. Very effective in fact. Our touchscreens result in vibrant collaboration and rewarding engagement. Can you imagine a world without touchscreens? At CTOUCH, we certainly can’t! You see, we are crazy about dynamic, innovative large format touchscreens, and about offering you the smoothest touchscreen experience. Because we look beyond the now and deliver crafted, future-oriented quality products.

Our products are designed to boost interactivity, productivity, and engagement in classrooms, and having been doing just that for over 15 years. How do we do it!? Devotion for one. A large dedicated team of enthusiasts, designers, students, former educationalists and visionaries who are devoted to producing the most incredible touchscreen experiences.

Touch displays is unashamedly our passion. And that passion can be seen in every aspect of our screens. Our displays are so intuitive and easy to use, it allows teachers to focus on what they do best, teach.



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  • What makes the best touchscreen even better? Partnering with the best education software developer...
  • Android 10 on the RIVA - market first

    19 Oct 2021 Gregg Ringer
    CTOUCH first to introduce touchscreen operating system based on Android 10 in autumn 2021

    19 Oct 2021
    The most comprehensive Education touchscreen solution on the market!
  • Explore some of the features of the RIVA

    19 Oct 2021 Gregg Ringer
    Our very own Joran shows off. The RIVA that is.
  • mozaBook on the CTOUCH Riva

    19 Oct 2021 Gregg Ringer
    The incredible education software which comes free with the CTOUCH Riva
  • Be blown away by the CTOUCH Riva...

    19 Oct 2021 Gregg Ringer
  • Why Buy The CTOUCH RIva

    19 Oct 2021 Gregg Ringer
    Just a few of the reasons why the CTOUCH RIva is a sound investment now and for the future...
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