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Craftbot (formerly CraftUnique) is a developer, innovator and manufacturer of 3D printers. The Hungarian company is based in Budapest.

Craftbot’s 3D printing approach has been the foundation of our success in EDUCATION

•Promotes active learning: Students create intricate products they can touch, study, and take home to use.

•Encourages creative thinking: Being able to try new things, test theories, and think more creatively enhances the learning process.

•Improves student participation: Illustrate and demonstrate difficult concepts while enhancing engagement through interactive learning.

•Engages relucant learners: The “wow factor” excites the most reluctant students, generating enthusiasm and engagement.

•Stimulates imaginations: Empower the imagination with the ability to turn their ideas into real, physical 3D objects!

•Demystifies engineering: Offer reachable aspirations through an entry point to technical fields to help break down barriers to STEM/STEAM and open a new world of career possibilities.




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