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Classoos is an accessible, intuitive digital textbook and learning resources platform providing schools and colleges across the globe with textbooks from the major UK publishers. 

For classroom or remote learning, Classoos ensures users can access their textbooks anytime, anywhere, on or offline.

With the ability to add and share resources, highlight and add notes within the text, Classoos is more than an ereader. Our students and educators are enjoying the benefits of a cost effective, environmentally friendly, convenient alternative to paper textbooks.

Come and meet us to find out how Classoos can transform your school.


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  • Classoos is proud to announce a ten-fold growth in sales since 2020 as schools' digital capabilities increased and the benefits of digital resources became clear. 
  • Classoos Digital Textbook Service And Learning Resources Platform
  • Why Classoos? The benefits and FAQs for students
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    01 Feb 2022 Classoos
    Classoos is an easy-to-use platform that helps teachers and students make the most out of their textbooks
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