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Bodet, the European leader of Time Management Solutions, offer Lockdown Alert, Synchronised Clock, Bell & PA Systems designed specifically for schools.

Our Harmonys Class Change System is an IP/POE system which can broadcast a unique lockdown alert, differentiated from other broadcast alerts such as evacuations, fire alarms or daily events.


Hemel Hempstead
United Kingdom


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  • Bodet has introduced a new generation of multi-functional audio sounders for their IP POE Harmonys emergency alert sounder and PA system. As well as a high quality sounder, Harmonys Trio incorporates ...
  • Read how Djanogly City Academy have used Bodet's Class Change System to improve pupil punctuality and behaviour.
  • Bodet's Synchronised Clock System educates students to be punctual, increases learning time by synchronising time across all school areas, and reduces costs through automatic Summer / Winter changeove ...
  • Bodet's Class Change, Lockdown Alert and PA Systems are used in thousands of schools across Europe, allowing you to broadcast customisable alerts in line with your class change and communications poli ...
  • See a demonstration of our Harmonys IP/POE System, both hardware and software, which can include emergency alerts such as lockdown, class change, PA functionality, synchronised clocks and streaming mu ...
  • James Amps, Director of Operations for Djanogly Academy, discusses the many benefits of using Bodet’s Class Change System in their school, including employing innovative methods such as playing music ...
  • Read about Bodet's range of Synchronised Clock Systems which can be used to increase learning time and punctuality in schools.
  • Read about Bodet's range of innovative Audio Solutions which can be used for Class Change, Lockdown Alert, PA functionality and music streaming in schools.
  • Read this brochure for more information on Bodet's Lockdown Alert Solution, which can broadcast a unique, customisable lockdown alert across your whole school.
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