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BeGenio is a social impact entity creating products that help children love maths, make maths fun and less daunting using EdTech, play-learning, maths gamification and creative, innovative teaching methodologies to increase fluency, confidence, critical, analytical, creative thinking and reduce mathematical anxiety.

Our Race To Infinity game is directly linked to the key aims of the National Curriculum - fluency, reasoning and problem solving, and we are conducting joint research in schools alongside the University of Greenwich.

BeGenio resources help children practise maths without realising they are learning. Our Augmented-reality App will combine the physical world and the digital world, and make maths enjoyable, prepare children for the Statutory Year 4 Times Table Check, use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect weaknesses in maths skills in children and help them with measured and tracked-progress using Accessibility Techniques for inclusion of students with learning disabilities and other special needs.


United Kingdom

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