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Fonetti is the award-winning speech recognition reading platform where children read aloud, receiving rewards and encouragement as they go.

74% of children improve their reading fluency and confidence when reading with Fonetti regularly, and schools tell us that reading age can improve by 8 months in just 4, with 20 minutes of Fonetti reading each day.

When children get the words right, the advanced speech recognition turns them green, if they skip or misread a word it turns subtly grey (so not to interrupt their flow), and if they get stuck, they simply double tap for an audible clue. 

Our unique technology provides teaching staff with real-time actionable pupil reading data, including accuracy, reading duration and where a pupil struggled, so they can track progress and support the reading journey.

This immediately available tracking and formative assessment data makes a real difference, and to the child it’s just great fun.


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