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At Apptavi, we design and create school improvement tools to empower your senior leaders and teachers - all wrapped in one modern and intuitive single-sign on web software application.

Team Apptavi collaborates with teachers nationwide, to create the tools that our schools and teachers need.  Each web-based software tool is standalone, accessible from any device, and Designed by Teachers, for Teachers to address key challenges and ease repetitive workloads.

Teachers can sign up for a free trial today, with no commitment.  Get started in less than 60 seconds at



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  • Organise reliable online or in-person parents evenings - do parents evenings your way, with built-in adminstrative flexibility and smart features for senior leaders, teachers and parents.
  • Monitor personal and SLT reports and metrics, configured to deliver key information to staff when required, both in real-time and on-demand.
  • Handle all of your event and remote-lesson scheduling direct from your timetable equipped with powerful virtual lesson and instant interaction plug-ins.
  • Organise, schedule and deliver high-impact assemblies to your learners from anywhere, using live-streaming or pre-prepared media.
  • Manage your classroom planning, student rewards, behaviours, student details and notes in one simple-to-use tool.
  • Seamlessly communicate homework tasks between teachers, students and parents with flexible custom settings, integrated hand-in, feedback and grading.
  • Connect and engage with your colleagues, students and parents through our school-focused communication platform.
  • Easily manage, monitor and report on your school's Covid testing programme, with self-reporting, highlighting of overdue tests & instant alerts for positive test submissions.
  • Track learning outcomes and record attainment for any task using customisable grading systems, with rich reporting capabilities and parent communication pathways.
  • Streamline your lesson preparation and practical classroom activities by effectively networking with your technicians and support staff.
  • Digitise and invigorate your curriculum planning and scheme of work, incorporating re-usable lesson templates, flexible timetabling and scheduling.
  • Bring the power of AI to your curriculum planning efforts to monitor, track and report on learning outcomes.
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