Ans Exam B.V.

Stand: NF75
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Ans is a hybrid digital and on-paper exam and assessment tool for educators. Provided as a SaaS solution, Ans is a flexible and rapidly developing web platform.

Born of demand for modern, user-friendly and flexible digital examination tools among students and educators, ‘The satisfying grading platform’ now provides satisfying workflow benefits for 50.000+ educators across the Benelux and the UK. We are proud to be the e-examination tool of choice for an increasing number of leading Dutch universities, and with roots in a world-leading technological university, Ans understands the complexities of digital examination in the sciences well.

Ans puts the workflow and experience of students and educators centre stage. Convert a digital test to on-paper and vice versa with the click of a button! No matter the type of exam, design, grade and publish feedback online. Save time, collaborate with colleagues, and gain valuable insights for improving your education.




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  • NHL Stenden Hogeschool

    Ans Exam B.V.
    "Time to onboard is very fast. The more you use Ans in a consistent way, the more questions you will gather in the question bank. You can use the questions from these question banks to use later on in ...
  • Eton College

    Ans Exam B.V.
    "I would say we have used it extensively now and wouldn't go back to the old way of doing things. Once you have had the minimal training required to familiarise yourself with the platform, it's quick ...
  • Are you conducting face-to-face exams or digital exams? Or perhaps, you want to conduct both. Ans allows you to be flexible in the way you administer your exam. You can switch your paper-based exam to ...
  • Allow your students to use an online calculator, an equation keyboard or LaTeX to enable easy submissions of complicated solutions. They can also make use of the coding editor and equation solver for ...
  • You can prevent fraud by enabling Safe Exam Browser and one-way test navigation. This will lock a student’s computer until they exit the exam. As administrator you’re fully in control of the settings ...
  • Rock, paper and digital

    Ans Exam B.V.
    Ans is designed to support paper, digital and hybrid examinations. With a click of a button, you can convert a digital test into a face-to-face exam and vice versa. No matter what type of exam you con ...
  • Grade and collaborate

    Ans Exam B.V.
    Would you like to grade time and place independent without carrying a whole lot of paper with you? Within Ans, you can grade an exam simultaneously with other graders in an easy manner. No matter wher ...
  • Build test in a flash

    Ans Exam B.V.
    What if you could build interactive and customizable tests easily? With a simple click of a button, you can recycle your old exercises, build new tests and customise them how you want. From open, mult ...
  • Feedback and forth

    Ans Exam B.V.
    Tired of emailing back and forth with your colleagues and students? With Ans, you can comment on test answers, essays and even other graders for a transparent and constructive experience. Use our data ...
  • Do you want to deliver valuable feedback within one click? Ans supports you in using automated feedback and let students learn from their work. By enabling feedback sessions, you can converse with stu ...
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