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ALPA Kids develops educational mobile games for children aged 2-8. ALPA Kids is used both at preschools and for remote learning.

During the COVID-19 crisis ALPA Kids saw a vigorous 664% growth in users and existing users became 841% more active.

ALPA Kids targets for 2021 are the 22 Indian regional languages and the languages spoken in the Baltics.


ALPA Kids games:

? Bring you the best quality early education from Europe's PISA no. 1 education powerhouse ' Estonia;

?Teach the essentials like colours, numbers, the alphabet through cultural elements;

? Are divided into four difficulty stages to be as age-appropriate for the child as possible;

? Encourage the child to continue the discovery outside the device;

?Are is easily adaptable to any language.


We are looking for the most innovative preschools and education stakeholders

especially in the UK, India, Latvia and Lithuania!





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  • Our 1st version of the app that contains games in English spoken in India. The learning is based on elements relevant to the Indian culture (a circle as a rupee coin, a rectangle as the Indian flag et ...
  • Our recently published appilcation in Hindi language contains almost 20 educational minigames. Co-created with one of the most awarded global preschool chains Little Einsteins.   Google Play: https:// ...
  • Our first application was for our country of origin – Estonia. The app constists of ~40 minigames. It has 20K users, including a lot of expat Estonian families in 96 countries.   Google Play: https:// ...
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