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Seeing the Micro, Being the Macro

uHandy brings the tiny universe to you and your kids. Space and time are no longer an issue to be concerned. With uHandy, science hands-on activities can be interwoven seamlessly into your classes conducted in in-person, distance, and'blended/hybrid settings.'



Taipei City,


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  • It's really hard to explain the concept of osmotic pressure to your students, isn't it? With the help of onion, water and salt, the highly accessible materials, it's like a breeze. Check it out!
  • How do the body systems of a tadpole work? To see is to believe - and to learn. Find some fun facts about a cute creature we've been long familiar with via the video!
  • Worried about how to conduct or show hands-on experiments to yoru students? uHandy may be one of your best options. Watch the video to learn why.
  • uHandy Mobile Microscope isn't only another microscopic lens set that works with your smartphone/tablet. 
  • Please grab a drink in your refridge, and join our sharing of the hands-on activites with a microscope when blended and virtual learnings are inevitable.
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