Welbee Survey

15 Dec 2021

Welbee Survey

Welbee Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NJ31

Welbee Survey uses an evidence-built survey to gain honest and anonymous feedback from staff.

It uses the Health and Safety Executive’s six Management Standards for assessing workplace wellbeing and managing the risks of workplace stress.

Key findings presented through the Welbee dashboard score each school on how well staff are coping, whether they think the school has a good working environment and they feel empowered in their roles, the degree of flexibility they have within their role, how well they are supported by their managers, colleagues and peers, whether they know what is expected of them and if they feel included in managing change.

MATs can view the combined scores of all their schools, how each school compares to others within the Trust and how they have performed compared to schools outside their organisation that have taken the survey with Welbee.

Leaders can respond to comments raised anonymously by staff using the tool’s Welbee Voice function, engage in two way anonymous conversations to encourage open and genuine responses, focus effort and energy where it will make the biggest difference, put in place the appropriate support, establish effective behaviours and build strong foundations for a healthy and engaged workforce.

Advice, including 12 competencies to reduce staff stress, guidance, and recommended actions pertinent to each school, empower leaders to quickly focus in on those areas that will have the greatest impact and illustrate to staff that they have been listened to.

Successful implementation is supported through the Welbee toolkit, which includes training and resources that focus on building a culture, where staff wellbeing is simply part of what happens every day.

90% of schools that used Welbee reported an improvement in staff wellbeing scores after running their second or subsequent surveys.

Welbee is the Staff Wellbeing Partner of the Multi Academy Trust Association. 



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