ReadingWise Vocabulary

ReadingWise Vocabulary

Reading Wise Stand: FS32

We tend to forget up to 75% of what we learn within 24 hours. 

ReadingWise Vocabulary reinforces words over time, thus interrupting this forgetting process. Teachers provide context in class and the programme embeds the words in learners' long-term memories. This includes a revision cycle once the word is mastered. This process is designed to interrupt the forgetting curve.

 Our system carefully descaffolds the lessons. At the first interaction, learners have images, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word type and example sentence. As they gain confidence, the system 'descaffolds' - so at the second interaction (assuming they got it right first time), they no longer have images.

We recommend learners interact with the programme for 5-10 minutes, a few times a week. This allows spaced learning and repetition to happen and is easy to deliver - either at school or at home.

A simple pre and post quiz composed of 30 words from the target list helps you to gauge impact and demonstrate progress quickly and easily.




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