TechnoRestaurateur - Project Based Learning

31 May 2021

TechnoRestaurateur - Project Based Learning

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TechnoRestaurateur includes a Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, and Resources including templates, samples, and assessment tools.

Step-by-step illustrated instructions guide students through launching a business venture.

Whether teaching a digital literacy course, financial literacy, business studies, or entrepreneurship, TechnoRestaurateur is the ideal addition to your curriculum.

It is easy to get started...

  • Download the technology project from our online library, TechnoHub.
  • Upload the resources to your school's Learning Management System. For example, you can create an assignment in Google Classroom.


Assignment 1: Become a Restaurateur - Consider how technology can help launch a restaurant venture.

Assignment 2: Learn Basic Spreadsheet Skills - Explore spreadsheets to understand terminology and acquire basic skills.

Assignment 3: Conduct a Survey of Food Preferences - Investigate cuisine favorites by administering a survey to respondents.

Assignment 4: Record Survey Results in a Spreadsheet - Arrange survey results in a worksheet. Format the data to make it easy to read.

Assignment 5: Graph Survey Results as a Pie Chart - Convert survey results into a pie chart. Customize the legend, labels, and chart style.

Assignment 6: Develop Idea from Survey Results - Interpret the meaning of the survey findings to develop a business concept based on evidence.

Assignment 7: Create a Company Logo - Draw a logo that symbolizes the company. Combine shapes to illustrate an original image.

Assignment 8: Write a Professional Letter - Request seed money for the restaurant. Convince investors that the concept will succeed.

Assignment 9: Draft a Floor Plan - Sketch a floor plan for the restaurant that meets the needs of staff and patrons.

Assignment 10: Calculate Monthly Restaurant Earnings - Total monthly profits. Analyze earnings to devise a business strategy.

Assignment 11: Calculate Quarterly Restaurant Earnings - Measure the financial health of the business. Calculate quarterly and average earnings.

Assignment 12: Graph Quarterly Earnings as a Line Chart - Plot quarterly earnings using a line graph. Predict future profits using a trend line.

Assignment 13: Design a Business Newsletter - Advertise the restaurant as an investment opportunity. Inform entrepreneurs about the benefits.

Optional Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans for Middle School Students

  • Use Functions to Analyze Earnings: Use SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, and COUNT functions.
  • Advertise a Deal: Inform customers using an animated bulletin board.
  • Use Google Forms or Excel Survey to Rate Opinion: Measure customer satisfaction with a rating scale grid.


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