STEM & Robotics Produino Set

STEM & Robotics Produino Set

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With innovative experimental activities that cover the core subjects of STEM, the STEM & Robotics Produino education set moves into advanced programming with textual coding. Besides its main controller, it embeds an additional Arduino processor that enables open DIY projects. The set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub that contains a large number of Engino structural and technical parts and high-level of robotic devices such as the unique Produino controller. It has 2 DC motors, a servo motor, a touch sensor, 2 IR sensors, a color sensor, an ultrasonic sensor and a gyroscope/accelerometer sensor. Besides the programmable screen, it conveniently has a built-in large breadboard so that students can make their own circuitry. It allows the construction of more than 30 STEM and Robotic models.


  • Coding
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Learning Materials
  • Robotics

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