Sound, Light and Vision for Special Needs

26 Feb 2021

Sound, Light and Vision for Special Needs

Clarity in Sound Light and Vision Ltd Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SK10

SEN is an innovative field in terms of both technology and technique where catalogue solutions are not ideal. Clarity therefore adopts an extremely consultative approach to tailor designs to your specific methods, objectives and budget.

Whether your requirement is for an installed or portable system, our aim is to provide you with tools that allow you to be creative in your teaching, to inspire fun, aid communication and meet the sensory and curriculum needs of your pupils. Working with you we are able to create extraordinary immersive sensory and learning environments, in rooms of all sizes. 


  • AV and Multimedia
  • Furniture
  • IWBs - Interactive White Boards
  • Classroom Resources
  • Special Educational Needs

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