Scottie Go! DOJO

08 Dec 2021

Scottie Go! DOJO

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The app allows users to learn programming by arranging the programming blocks into scripts to steer the heroes of the game to correctly carry out the quest.

Multiple assets, various difficulty levels, and friendly heroes of the game allow creating interesting stories to introduce programming from an early age in groups with no previous programming experience, as well as to create challenging programming environments for more experienced players.

Teachers working with Scottie Go! Dojo say that using a visual programming environment makes it easier to move to programming in text-based languages ​​such as C ++, C # or Python.

There are four types of blocks: command, function, trigger and control instruction. This allows learning programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, variables, functions, parameters, etc.

Programming blocks can be stacked on top of each other (in the virtual version they are dragged to the coding area) to create a sequence of commands that make up a program. The indentations and protrusions make the blocks fit together like a puzzle, which makes it easier to understand the syntax and structure of the programming language.


  • Coding
  • Distance Learning
  • Educational/Instructional Software

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