SchoolStatus Platform

SchoolStatus Platform

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SchoolStatus is the only unified K-12 data analytics, workflow and communications platform designed to improve student outcomes through better insights, better decision-making, and better communications. SchoolStatus enables two-way, secure communication between the school and home, informed by comprehensive real-time data at the student, classroom, school, and district-level, leading to improved parent engagement. 

The SchoolStatus Platform is application-agnostic, enabling schools and districts to leverage current technology investments. The Platform pulls relevant qualitative and quantitative data from siloed systems into a comprehensive and insightful view at the student, classroom, school and district level. Designed for easy integration and ease of use, SchoolStatus delivers a customized experience for each user and removes technology, language, and access barriers to support increased parent engagement, improved teacher satisfaction, and more personalized student support.


  • School Administration/ Management
  • Connectivity & Communication solutions
  • Data Management & Storage

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