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Enhance pupil performance

  • Compare academic performance to school and/or government standards.  Ensure counteractive measurements are put in place when required.
  • Analyse trends in subject selections and the subsequent results in order to boost productivity and performance.
  • Observe behavioural markers to monitor key indicators in areas such as attendance and discipline in order to establish when invention is needed.
  • Scrutinise pupil results across exams in order to determine if they are responding effectively to additional help and amend methods if required

Streamline Admin

  • Monitor registration numbers and class sizes over time to ensure effective resource planning and funding requirements.
  • Analyse extra curricular clubs and activities such as sports, cooking, homework and dancing to ensure attention is in the correct areas and amend where required.
  • Track ‘wrap-around care’ numbers to ensure appropriate resourcing is dedicated.
  • Track average pupil results by subject, teacher or year group.

What does it mean?

  • Ensure that all stakeholders have access to a single, accurate and current view of key performance indicators that can be easily analysed.
  • Drive effective daily/weekly/monthly/annual decision making and strategic planning.
  • Track success of pre-defined goals and act in advance when necessary.

A well managed Business Intelligence solution can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness in administration as well as enhance the teacher / pupil experience.


  • Attendance Management
  • Data Management & Storage
  • Managing Information Systems

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