School Library Management System

01 Sep 2014

School Library Management System

MOL sp. z o.o. Stand: NK61

Our cloud based school library management system has been designed to enable libraries to easily manage the cataloguing, acquisition and circulation of all types of library resources.

Students can search the catalogue for titles and make reservations from anywhere.

Accelerated Reader integration means students can match their personalised goals by searching for books at a suitable level for them.

Librarians can produce statistically rich reports such as circulation patterns and trending titles.

Integrated with:

  • Accelerated Reader
    • When searching for a book, the system will provide details of the Accelerated Reader level, helping to identify books at an appropriate level on the reader’s improvement path
  • TASC Software
    • Import staff and student data from your MIS
    • Single login gateway

Distributed and supported by:

  • TASC Software - TASC Software develop and provide staff, parent and pupil software solutions to 100,000’s of users in the UK

Cloud technology:

  • No need to install, update or maintain any components
  • Application available through any browser, from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Automatic backups and updates
  • The application is always up-to-date
  • Remote technical support (no need to send any backups)
  • Security measures evaluated independently
  • Encrypted connection (as in Internet banking)
  • Average avaibility level no less than 99,9%

Comfortable workplace:

  • Option to personalise the module's interface for each librarian:
    • Order columns in tables according to your needs
    • Set sorting order in columns
    • Hide unwanted columns
    • Create individual layouts for patrons' account
  • Flexible circulation modes
    • Loand and returns with or without confirmation
  • User-friendly and intuitive, carefully crafted to provide an optimum workplace
  • The mechanism of barcodes allows for quick loans and returns without even needing to put finger to keybord

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

  • Available in multiple themes including Intense, Calm and High-Contrast
  • Complies with WCAG 2.1, making it accessible for users with disabilities
  • Compatible with mobile devices (fully responsive)
  • The single search box allows access to all library resources
  • Online reservarions and loan renewals

Reader account:

On-line cataloge features for studens enables them to:

  • Make a reservation
  • Check their current loans
  • Check their current reservations
  • Cancel their reservations
  • Update contact data
  • Look throw history of loans


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  • Professional Services

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