Scale-Up! The Business Game

Scale-Up! The Business Game

Odoo s.a. Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SM31

Scale-Up! is a card game that helps students to learn how to run a company while having fun.

This business game is a great tool to support courses such as accounting, management, logistics, entrepreneurship, and more!  

With 7 business cases simulated in Odoo's management software, students endorse the role of a CEO and organize the company flows. 

The 64-card game is free for teachers who request it!

Scale-Up! is played in 3 easy steps: 

Firstly, on the front of the card, there's a conversation between the CEO and a employee where new information over the company process is given.

Secondly, with this new information, the student will set up the process in Odoo, on his/her online database.

And finally, once the students thinks that all information has been added and that the system is set up, s/he can flip the card to see the solutions at the back.

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