Satchel One

Satchel One

Satchel Stand: FS26

Since 2011 Satchel One have been supporting schools and engaging the whole school community in the learning experience. Satchel One is made up of the following apps:

  • Show My Homework - deliver outstanding learning tasks to students online with all the resources they need and communicate this to parents as well.
  • Behaviour - recognise good behaviour with points and custom badges and notify parents of positive actions. 
  • Detentions - issue detention online, track student attendance and inform parents when a detention has been issued.
  • Attendance - effectively manage attendance from within Satchel One, see which students are absent and access guardian contact details in-app.
  • Timetables - teachers and students can see their personal timetables online or via the app. Parents can also see their child's timetable to support organisation at home. 
  • Seating - create the perfect learning environment for your class with Seating. Create a plan that suits your classroom and is catered to the learning requirements of your pupils. 
  • Welfare Notes - support students' wellbeing through Welfare Notes. Share notes with teachers regarding personal issues students may be experiencing so teachers can provide additional support if needed. 


  • Distance Learning
  • Attendance Management
  • Connectivity & Communication solutions

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