Pointer 3D

01 Dec 2019

Pointer 3D

Knoocker / PixBlocks Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SJ11

Here are mains points about our new devices Pointer3D.

  • Every movement in the real space is accurately and quickly reproduced on digital space.
  • This device belongs to immersive technology (AR/VR).
  • Pointer3D based on the innovative technology of ultrasound Doppler shifts.
  • It consists of a pen (where is en emitter) and stand where is the frame with ultrasounds receivers.
  • The receivers could be placed in an independent stand or mounted in corners of for example interactive board, laptops or tablets.
  • When we move pen, we can create or manipulate 2D and 3D object in computer space.
  • The emitter in pen is constantly monitored by these receivers. It let us operate almost in real-time. The latency is 0.01 seconds. It is like the best devices on the market. It can help to work without lags or fast react.
  • Pointer3D, this device is more precise than others similar devices. It detects position changes of 0.01 mm.
  • Unlike a computer mouse, the device doesn't have to be used only next a desk.
  • Pointer3D can be connected to any mobile device.
  • We can compare Pointer 3D to:
    • computer mouse - less precise, higher latency, it is not adapted to work in 3D space
    • another devices based on ultrasound technology - another design method, less precise, they are not adapted to work in 3D space
    • another devices not based on ultrasound technology:
      • more expensive (motion capture),
      • less precise, higher latency (kincet),
      • larger, more expensive, for gaming (HTC VIVE - it has similar latency like our device)
  • Pointer3D can help for example:
    • work without lags
    • fast react
    • work out the smallest details
  • Application for example:
    • modifying graphics, models 3D
    • as controller (for game, VR, instead computer mouse)
    • education
    • medicine (diagnostic tool in Parkinson measuring hand tremors or as way of communicating for people with reduced mobility)
  • For now, tests and modifications of the project are being carried out. It will be also presenting on few international conferences.
  • More information: http://pointer3d.com/


  • Special Educational Needs
  • Learning Spaces
  • Hardware

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