Pobble for My Class account

Pobble for My Class account

Everything you need to improve writing.

Share lessons with pupils in school or at home so they can write, improve and publish their work. Help facilitate peer feedback and make writing moderation easier.


A Pobble for My Class account gives you:

Lesson content

  •  Pobble 365 + pupil access.
  •  Pobble Writing Bank + pupil access.
  •  Pobble lessons + pupil access.

Teacher tools

  •  Bookmark/save.
  •  Search all lesson content.
  •  Search star pieces in Pobble Writing Bank.
  •  Comment on children's writing.
  •  Edit, print and share Pobble 365.
  •  Edit, print and share Pobble Lessons.
  •  Create your own lessons.
  •  Upload writing.
  •  Your own school work showcase page.
  •  Pupil evidence bank.
  •  Linked parent accounts.
  •  Create and share moderation folders.

Pupil tools

Pupils can...

  •  Receive lessons assigned from teacher.
  •  Self assess.
  •  Peer assess.
  •  Upload their own writing.
  •  Receive teacher feedback and re-submit.
  •  Comment on other children's writing.

Find out more here: https://my.pobble.com/


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