Oracle HCM, ERP Cloud, E-Business and Peoplesoft with outsourced payroll

13 Jul 2021

Oracle HCM, ERP Cloud, E-Business and Peoplesoft with outsourced payroll

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A growing number of large organisations are looking to tap into the benefits of managing their HCM and ERP applications in the Cloud. (For those of you who hate acronyms HCM is Human Capital Management and relates to all things Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Payroll. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning and typically means all things Finance, Purchasing etc.). We are not big lovers of acronyms so if you spot one that isn’t explained, please drop us a line. At Symatrix, we know that moving to a cloud solution can bring great flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency to any organisation. Businesses have come to expect that the Cloud will solve their problems, improve agility and ultimately make life easier so that people can concentrate on those activities and projects that will truly move their business forward.

The stark truth though, is that organisations are disappointed by the end results and the outcomes achieved, often failing to meet what was laid out in their Business Case. The issues with ERP and HCM, in particular persist beyond implementation, and we are often called into “rescue mode” when organisations find it difficult to keep up with all that Cloud demands. These demands include the treadmill of release management with its regular testing cycles, application change as well as organisational change management, training and communication. The change in operating model cannot be underestimated, nor can the cost involved in being stuck with a purely functional rather than operational solution. This makes gaining return on investment tricky, if not impossible.

But do not fret - behind every Cloud…is Symatrix. We can help. Our unique Managed Services support you wherever you are on your Cloud journey. How do we do this? We are glad you asked.  We are all about creating truly operational Finance, HR and payroll functions, with processes that deliver just what the user and the business needs and expects. Our Managed Services have been described by clients as being truly “Next Generation” by identifying and accessing the many benefits of running your Cloud application. From Process Review and Managed Payroll through to Testing as a Service, Application Support and Environment Management, our services are designed with your outcomes and return on investment in mind.


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