NEW Gratnells SortED insert system

NEW Gratnells SortED insert system

Gratnells Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SF11

A range of inserts designed to be flexible and useable in shallow and deep Gratnells trays. Inserts can accommodate a variety of parts and spares from robotics and coding to STEAM and Craft activities. The system enables the divisionenable division of a Gratnells tray to between 2 and 8 sections.

SortED inserts are also useful in early years for easy deployment of resources throughout the classroom reducing set-up and take-down time.  Available with Biocote protection.


  • The new SortED inserts have been designed to support teachers and technicians create a safe and manageable environment
  • Supports the organisation of resources and cleaning equipment that will be required during the school day
  • Easily maintain a high level of cleanliness and avoid any cross-contamination between cleaning items
  • Allows all necessary equipment to be stored in one place and is easily accessible
  • SortED is the latest in-tray organisation and is compatible with Gratnells shallow and deep trays
  • Divides trays into 2, 4 and 8 sections, with double layers available for deep F2 trays
  •  Strong, rigid construction
  • Bright and fun colors with pre-treated antimicrobial protection for extra peace of mind
  • Excellent for organising individual student resources in a single tray, promoting social distanced learning
  • Helps reduce infection transmission when resources are once again shared amongst students
  •  Available in bulk or small pre-packed sets


  • Classroom Resources
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Furniture
  • Learning Spaces
  • Distance Learning

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