Classroom Instruction and Monitoring - NetSupport School

01 Sep 2020

Classroom Instruction and Monitoring - NetSupport School

NetSupport Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SK51

Award-winning classroom management solution, NetSupport School, helps teachers monitor, control and interact with any type of student device in the classroom (or across multiple classrooms to support social distancing) - boosting learning outcomes and student engagement. 

With dedicated assessment, monitoring, orchestration, collaboration and control features all easily reached through its intuitive interface, NetSupport School allows teachers to leverage the full value of technology-led teaching, while saving time and maintaining students' focus in an ICT environment but also improving learning outcomes regardless of the preferred learning style.

Developed with Ofsted best practice in mind, it delivers a range of content formats, encourages interaction and monitors student PCs to help improve focus and attainment. And with a host of easy-to-use tools available in just one click, NetSupport School helps teachers to maximise classroom time and ensures their focus can remain firmly on teaching. Working seamlessly across all types of platforms and devices, and specifically designed in consultation with teachers to meet their needs in the classroom, it’s no wonder NetSupport School is the complete classroom management solution of choice.

Key features include:

  • Student screen monitoring
  • Student wellbeing and feedback mode
  • Testing and assessment tools
  • Language Lab module
  • Internet and application metering
  • Digital Journals of lesson content
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • Teacher, T/A and Student apps
  • File collection and distribution
  • Student screen sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Student account management
  • Exam lockdown
  • Multi-platform support
  • Lock screens
  • Reset students' system password
  • Plus much more!

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