Mathematics proposal

19 Oct 2021

Mathematics proposal

Innovamat Education Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SH73

Innovamat has developed a bank of resources meant to guide Maths teachers and students towards richer and more meaningful learning. Similar to the Mastery Approach, we follow a Helical Learning Process where concepts are revisited to ensure all pupils’ understanding.

Exercises are thought out to be low threshold high ceiling to ensure all students are engaged with the activities. Our proposal includes manipulative material, teaching guides, digital resources, logbooks for pupils, a self-adaptive app, tailored counseling, and training in the didactics of Mathematics for teachers. 

- Manipulative Material: beaded necklaces, base 10 blocks, geoboards, snap cubes, mirrors, coins, notes, and much more, depending on the school year. Although such material is already commonly used in the classroom, we go a step further and provide exercises on how these can be used in the most effective way possible.

- Teaching Guides: This is where a lot of the power of our proposal lies. We provide exercises and activities to cover the whole academic year if the teacher wishes to use them. Concepts are introduced through class discussions and empowering students to lead their learning experience. However, tips are given for teachers to ask specific questions where there is a learning opportunity.

- Digital Resources: Videos, animations, projectable material, and applets that are shared with the whole class to help both students and teachers to introduce new concepts. Furthermore, we have also developed a video series where the main characters are faced with problems that the students have to solve, to ensure students remain engaged. 

- Logbooks: These are for students to record and practise the knowledge they have acquired during the class. It is only made up of 3 or 4 exercises that serve as a summary to ensure they have understood the lesson properly. The idea behind this is to cement their learning from concrete to abstract ideas. 

- Self-Adaptive App: We have developed an app as an instrumental part of our teaching. Students need to practise the concepts they have learned in class with their teacher and classmates in a fun and engaging way. The gamified app caters to the heterogeneous nature of the classroom and the individual needs of each pupil. Using Artificial Intelligence, the app adapts the difficulty of its exercises based on the student’s performance in previous activities. Therefore, students falling behind will be able to take a step back and go over previous concepts, while advanced pupils will move on to more complex exercises. Additionally, the teacher will receive two weekly reports. One with a general overview of the whole class’ progress, and a second one that is specific to each student.

- Tailored Counselling and Training in the Didactics of Mathematics: To aid the transition to a new way of teaching Mathematics, we provide training for teachers to better understand our approach. Additionally, each school is assigned an advisor with whom they can get in touch at any moment if any issues arise during the year. This is to ensure that teachers use the resources at their disposal to the best of their ability. 

The resources we provide aim to follow three pillars: the first is to use manipulative material, as it is important for students to be able to engage with Maths in a tactile and visual way for a better understanding; the second is to understand what is being worked on, developing competencies, and identifying strategies; and, finally, the third pillar is to tackle the diversity in the classroom and the different needs of students.


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