Math Alive

Math Alive

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Math Alive is designed for the concepts of math with using digital tools. It enables an interaction of teaching and students involvement through the digital board and pad makes both teachers and students share students' activity results.


[Concenpt Learning]
"Easy, Memorable and Visual Math!"
- Conceptual exploration activity beginning with raising questions.
- Intuitive acquisition of abstract mathematical concepts through the manipulation of the Concept Tool.

[Reasning and Communication]
- Foster metacognitive learning, which emphasizes self-realized understanding through processes that use the students' own language and expression (text, drawing, speaking, etc.).
- Metacognitive learning is achieved through the [Portfolio, Math Activity] and a focus on mathematical reasoning through communication with fellow learners.

[Problem Solving and Adaptive learning]
Enhancement of Mathematical Reasoning Ability and Increase learner engagement and improve outcomes through personal learning data.
- Problem solving-based learning that improves mathematical thinking skills.
- 36,000+ digital problems featuring various methods and immediate feedback.
- "Adaptive Learning" assigns problems based on each student's achievement level derived from the results of Concept Learning.




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