Light Up Phones

12 Jan 2021

Light Up Phones

TTS Group LTD Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NH41

Who will you call? Will it be the garage, the dentist or the queen? A great resource for experimenting, exploring and making connections. Press a button, hear the individual sound and see the phone light up. Learn about cause and effect and stimulus response, whilst acting out familiar, appealing and engaging scenarios. Charging time approx 3 hours.

The phones incorporate a subtle use of technology to enrich and enhance the learning experiences. A great way to really stimulate language and get conversations buzzing. When you speak into the phone you can hear the sound reverberate. A lovely addition to phase one phonics activities, ideal for the home corner or role play scenarios. Imagine them in a cafe, a hairdressers or the post office. Children love to act out different scenes with them, using them independently or in groups.

Whether you are chatting to a fairytale character or phoning in your shopping order, these phones will encourage children to use a range of skills. The recharging hub is designed for ease of use and is made of wood to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. The phones are charged via individual USB connectors so no batteries required!


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