Light Up Glow Cylinders

12 Jan 2021

Light Up Glow Cylinders

TTS Group LTD Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NH41

A truly versatile and engaging set. Learn about cause and effect and stimulus response as you tap the cylinders and see them light up (stay lit for 3 minutes). Children will delight in using this glowing collection in their schema play as they roll them and post them.

Light Up Glow Cylinders can be utilised in many different learning scenarios. They are a super addition to construction, loose parts play, maths activities, sensory areas and imaginative play. Ideal for children to experiment, explore and discover. Light Up Glow Cylinders can be used independently or with a range of other resources such as the Light up Learning Range to make a spectacular illuminated and sensory environment for learning. Technology has been incorporated to enrich and enhance the play of these simple shapes that offer so many possibilities. Imagine using these glowing cylinders for number activities such as one to one correspondence, sorting, pairs, sequencing etc. You can literally light up the learning. Many children will find their own ways of using these glowing cylinders. They may be a phone, a snake, a fence or even a rocket. They are a great addition to dancing activities, children can twirl and whirl to the music and light up their movements. Use on light boxes for a spectacular array of colours. A fun, appealing and versatile resource.


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  • Special Educational Needs

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