LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Set 45345

31 Jan 2022

LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Set 45345

Creative Hut Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SH41

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential gets primary school students excited about hands-on STEAM learning. This playful, narrative-based learning experience is part of the LEGO Learning System and encourages students to investigate STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. 

Key learning values

  • Develop computational thinking skills, including creating and modifying sequences, testing, debugging, and using loops.
  • Explore the engineering design process, including defining a problem, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes.
  • Investigate the scientific concepts of energy, energy transfer, and collision.
  • Strengthen oral communication skills as students discuss their experiences collaboratively.
  • Engage in narrative-based problem-solving.
  • Develop social-emotional language by helping a main story character solve a problem.


  • Classroom Resources
  • Education Services
  • Coding
  • Curriculum improvement
  • Educational/Instructional Software

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