Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit

11 Jan 2021

Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SA28

The Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit provides a fun introduction to buggy robotics. More than just a programmable buggy, learning to use all of the included features will give the budding roboteer a solid grounding in robotics as a whole.

Learn about movement, how to utilise light and sound, obstacle detection and avoidance, and how to code :MOVE Motor to follow a line. When used in conjunction with the micro:bit's radio features, the possibilities are endless.

Attached to the chassis are two bi-directional DC motors with variable speed control. The wheels have rubber tyres and are a simple push-fit onto the motor shafts. Slot a BBC micro:bit into the edge connector and you are ready to code. There is no other assembly required and no tools required.


  • Hardware
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Learning Materials
  • Distributor/Reseller

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