Kitronik Environmental Control Board for BBC micro:bit

11 Jan 2021

Kitronik Environmental Control Board for BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SA28

The Kitronik environmental control board provides a variety of sensor inputs and connection points for the BBC micro:bit (V1 & V2) and provides the ability to control outputs for devices such as a water pump, fan, servo or heater pad. This makes it ideal for feedback control systems. This board is also supplied as part of the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit.

The BBC microbit slots directly into the board via an integrated edge connector. The micro:bit can then read input from the onboard BME 280 environmental temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensor and also the Real-Time Clock. There is an onboard piezo buzzer, 2 x 1A outputs (ideal for a water pump, heater pads or fan), 3 status ZIP LEDs, a ZIP LED expansion connector and servo output. In addition to these, 3 BBC micro:bit pins are broken out to croc-clip connections as further inputs and outputs, along with pads for 3V and GND.


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