Kitronik Air Quality and Environmental Board for micro:bit

07 Mar 2022

Kitronik Air Quality and Environmental Board for micro:bit

Kitronik Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SA28

The Kitronik Air Quality Board provides a complete air monitoring and reporting solution for the BBC micro:bit. The wealth of onboard sensors and connection points allow you to collect extensive air quality data that can be stored in onboard memory and displayed on the OLED screen or transferred to a computer for analysis. Kitronik has also produced online MakeCode tutorials that are designed to introduce you to all of the key features of the board.

The Air Quality Board is perfect for the classroom. Run short or long-term classroom experiments, such as; monitoring air quality throughout the year, with and without the heating on. You can then use the collected data to produce graphs and more. Alternatively, it would make a great addition to an office/workshop, let science inform you when it's time to open those windows or remind you to ventilate your work area!


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