Kaligo School App

Kaligo School App

Kaligo Hall: Bett Hall Stand: FS34

Our Department for Education approved handwriting and spelling app is designed students how to write and spell using tablets and styluses in the classroom, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Kaligo School app includes 12 curriculum aligned exercises:

  • I can control my pencil pressure
  • I can trace strokes and shapes
  • I can trace continous lines
  • I can draw
  • I can write digits and numbers
  • I can write in capital letters
  • I can write in lowercase letters
  • I can write in pre-cursive letters
  • I can write in cursive letters
  • I can identify my shapes and outline them
  • I can identify different words and letters
  • I can identify features of a text
  • I can read, listen and observe


  • Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Distance Learning

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