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KAIT TEST PREP is a self-directed learning tool that prepares individuals to take standardized tests by leading them through a series of research-backed training cycles.  These training cycles utilize real test questions from previous years to build highly effective formats.  Students identify their target score and goals, and then the KAIT system creates a customized training plan that guides students independently through each step they need to complete.  The TEST PREP system is currently offered for SAT level math currently but it and can be modified to include material for raising scores on other standardized exams.  

KAIT TEST PREP guides students through continuous cycles of test questions until they have mastered a topic area, progressively adding new and previously mastered topic areas to strengthen skills and knowledge.  KAIT TEST PREP individualizes test preparation to narrowly focus on improving students’ gaps in knowledge while simultaneously building test taking skills that will help students develop strategies for when they take the real test.  


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