Implementing STEM

Implementing STEM

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In the pursuit of excellence, many institutions aim to regularly update their facilities or educational opportunities. This may include implementing new technologies or buying into a new course. These require equipment, tools and workshop space as well as know-how. You may not know how to implement a particular solution so you purchase a "kit". 

Since the coining of the term in the early 2000s educational institutions have increasingly been noticing the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs and their impact on students and their country and have thus pursued their implementation.

This has not always been easy to do due to lack of useful content, or a lack of funds for equipment and passionate personnel.  

​We work with institutions to tackle these challenges helping them develop their facilities and staff as well as the content they deliver while keeping the institutions' needs and budget in mind. 

​We go a step further. We help institutions deliver STEAM to students in a way that is used to set them ahead of the competition, attracting more clients. STEAM is an investment, not a cost. We will help you make it so. 

Our portfolio includes designing and building CNC's, setting up metal casting for A-Level students, streamlining local purchasing to minimise material order costs, 3D printer farms, welding stations and more. 


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