X-Maker: A 3D printer just for

09 Dec 2021

X-Maker: A 3D printer just for

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IME3D KID 3D Printer is an easy to use 3D Printer for beginner.

It has some features that are convenient for beginners, it includes; 

  • No leveling, No more actions, just finish the unboxing and start your 3D printing journey.
  • Heatable flexible platform for easy object removal, Whatever size mode adhere to the platform easily. Thanks to the flexible features, remove the objects just by bending.
  • Great printing result, IME3D KID 3D printer has excellent printing performance in PLA with a smooth printing surface. 
  • The one-click printing system, According to the structure of the STL model of ime3d kid APP, the one-click printing system can set the slice data automatically. Including intelligent split model printing. 



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