06 Dec 2021


Good2Learn Hall: Bett Hall Stand: FS16

Good2Learn is an intuitive online learning platform offering lessons with unlimited practice for KS2 to KS4 maths and English. This innovative platform comprises short engaging video lessons using ‘real presenters’, accompanied by automated interactive exercises. Children are rewarded with medals and certificates boosting their confidence while teachers can easily keep track of their progress and development. The cloud-based platform can be accessed any time on any device that has an internet connection; there are no apps to download or software to update.

The platform, designed by UK teachers, is backed and used by schools to support teachers’ delivery of the curriculum. In addition to mainstream schools, Good2Learn also provides its services to governmental local authorities; Virtual School for Looked after Children, Pupil Referral Units, Special Needs and Disability Schools.


  • Achievement Monitoring
  • Curriculum improvement
  • Learning Materials

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