GinoBot - Basic Editions

GinoBot - Basic Editions

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The basic edition of GinoBot is the lowest cost version that will still surprise teachers with the innovative features included and can always be upgraded later as students develop more coding skills. The body of GinoBot has numerous built-in ENGINO connecting geometries so that students can expand their robot with structural and mechanical parts, making more advanced models. Teachers can follow STEM interdisciplinary activities and apply inquiry based learning methodologies to engage and inspire their students. The vehicle’s powerful processor connects with USB, Bluetooth and wifi and can be programmed with KEIRO, but also Python and C++ once a Micro:bit or Arduino are installed. The 4-wheeled robot can have its tires converted to a cat-truck and is surrounded by three proximity sensors. It has two floor colour sensors and two encoder motors for precise motion.


  • Coding
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Learning Materials
  • Robotics

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