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GameOn works with schools across the globe to unlock the personal best of every student. High flexibility and connectedness with any MIS system worldwide. Integrated within days, not weeks with a comprehensive technical support team at your service. GameOn makes it fun and easy job to engage among three major components of a school system; Teachers, Parents and Learners. Through single access to the GameOn Platform, necessary information to track learners’ progress will be available all the time. Gamification is a fancy word in the education industry while using the benefits of gamification in learning, GameOn engages and motivates learners by creating a sustained engagement and focusing on the unique needs of every learner, and motivating them to do more via capturing their interest all the time. With GameOn, Schools and Parents will have 360 ° visibility through collectable data to track each learner’s progress.GameOn offers a hyper-personalized experience by offering tools to make amendments on personalized learning journeys via tailoring rules, rewards and quests to motivate students further. Teachers and Parents will be able to implement gamification for meeting academic and non-academic objectives in and outside of the classroom. With multidimensional characteristic analysis of learners, we ensure the learning preferences of each profile is screened to make a full impact on their success. Gamification elements allow us to leverage the in-depth analysis of motivations and challenges for each learner through profiling. Teachers will be equipped with detailed insights about students that span across multiple learning processing categories. The high valued diagnosis will enable teachers to cross-train students by using a variety of approaches to thinking styles to personalize the learning journeys. GameOn allows further integration with LMS and Content management solutions for a hyper-personalized journey to attain desired learning outcomes. 


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