Check & Challenge

01 Dec 2021

Check & Challenge

GCSEPod Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SJ52

Written and quality checked by experienced educators and subject experts, Check and Challenge is a unique and innovative assessment tool, which supports learning by helping students to evaluate their own knowledge. It uses a system of multiple-choice testing, with automated marking and clear feedback on both correct and incorrect answers. As well as testing knowledge, Check and Challenge aids students in strengthening their memory and improving retention and retrieval of relevant information, leading to greater success in exams.

Check and Challenge is designed to be suitable for students of all abilities with original questions covering a range of difficulties. Students receive feedback on incorrect answers to help them see where they’ve gone wrong and they can view a hint to help them find the correct answer, which encourages struggling students not to just give up. Check and Challenge also awards diamonds depending on how many attempts a student uses to find the correct answer. This helps to aid in motivation and build confidence as learners can see progress and improvement as they earn more diamonds.

For teachers, the carefully crafted combination of questions, answers, hints and feedback provides a detailed overview of your learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Each detractor (incorrect answer) is given an error tag, which means you can not only see where a student has gone wrong, but how they’ve gone wrong, what kind of errors they may be making and where they may be falling into common traps or misconceptions.

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