Exam-style Assignments

28 Feb 2022

Exam-style Assignments

GCSEPod Hall: Bett Hall Stand: NG55

Our Exam-Style Assignments offer an efficient and effective way for students to practice essential skills and test their subject knowledge. Original, exam board-specific questions, all written by experts, are now available for more than 20 GCSE subjects. Easy to set using our Ready-Made Assignments function and quick to mark, thanks to a partially-automated marking system backed up by clear marking support for every question, Exam-Style Assignments will save teachers valuable time.

We want to fulfil every teacher’s wish list, by making sure our papers can be set and marked in no time at all. Every question is either self-marking or is equipped with a clear concise mark scheme, and these answers are hidden from student view so cheating is never a worry.

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