English now! Fully Interactive A1-B2 Language Course for teenagers and adults

English now! Fully Interactive A1-B2 Language Course for teenagers and adults

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English Now! Perfect for beginner and intermediate English students: discover 1200 engaging ePages full of interactive exercises, packed in over 150 attractive lessons. EnglishNow! helps learners quickly implement English in real life conversations, making the learning process effective and entertaining. 

The complete English Now! series is based on the Communicative Language Teaching and the Lexical Approach. Each unit was developed by first setting specific communicative goals appropriate to the level.

A1: Students learn interesting, culture-oriented facts about Great Britain and British people. All the basic topics are covered – family, time, food, free-time activities, work, holiday, etc.
A2: The material covers topics such as physical appearance, clothes, weather, places and locations, illnesses and accidents, sports and free time, etc. In this collection students will learn what’s life like across the ocean – this time the main focus is on the US.
B1: Students can already talk about simple life-based situations and it is a great opportunity for them to make more effort, learn more advanced vocabulary and structures and become a more fluent English language user. In this course students will learn about people – the differences and similarities between them. The material also covers hopes and dreams, apologies, travels etc.
B2: This collection fully covers the material at B2 level and is dedicated to more advanced English language learners. It covers six different topics, including: strengths and weaknesses, regrets and consequences, telling stories, instructional manuals, collecting and presenting data.



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