Educational Universe

01 Mar 2022

Educational Universe

Knoocker / PixBlocks Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SJ11

We bet on distinctive design supporting creative and aestethic education. We thoroughly select our content, we rely on our design and educational experts who work with most innovative trends. We inspire and support teachers in a creative use of technology. We give them various interactions which provide complex and exciting development of their pupils. We want give teachers a magic wand which will help them to transform ordinary into extraordinary. To improve children’s life and make things interesting.

Set of 8 planets responding to various needs of children in preschools and and early-school (1-3).

Educational Universe consists: 

  1. Planet SPE - Special Educational Needs

  2. Planet Ziuuu - Rythmicity

  3. Planet EMO - Emotions

  4. Planet DŻ - Speech Therapy

  5. Planet SMART - Experiments

  6. Planeta Pi - Coding / Programming

  7. Planeta Contrast - Sight

  8. Planeta M - Motor Skills


Only available on Knoocker's device. 


  • Special Educational Needs
  • Hardware
  • Educational/Instructional Software

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