DynamoPost14 - Dyscalculia Assessment

01 Mar 2022

DynamoPost14 - Dyscalculia Assessment

JellyJames (Dynamo Maths) Hall: Bett Hall Stand: SL14
  • Provides an individual Number Sense developmental profile and identifies number sense strengths and areas for repositioning.
  • Performance Profile that is mapped to the Functional Skills framework (E1, E2, E3, L1, L2).
  • Identifies if the individual is at risk of developmental dyscalculia and/or maths developmental delays.
  • Provides an Individual Support Plan that outlines the targeted areas of learning across a range of Strands, supported by the speed of processing, response times and scores.
  • Provides a detailed Recommendations Report that describes the assessment outcomes, recommendations and suggested manipulatives.
  • differentiates developmental dyscalculia from maths developmental delays.
  • Easy to administer online dyscalculia assessment supported with observation tools.
  • Maintains a score history that can monitor progress and performance after the intervention.
  • Inclusive SEN/ALN accommodations support audit tools.


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