Dynamic Classroom platform

01 Aug 2019

Dynamic Classroom platform

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Functionality of the environment

 Dynamic classroom provides the teacher with the following functionalities:

  • Ready-to-use learning content for primary school, divided into classes.
  • Methodical guidelines for working with the learning content – a book for the teacher.
  • Admin panel through which the teacher can create interactive tasks.
  • Opportunity to create a virtual classroom to which students gain access through a permanent connection.
  • Ability to share a task to the student's device for independent work.
  • Opportunity for feedback from the student's device to check and comment on the solution made.
  • Interactive learning content for the touch screen – allows taking notes, marking, moving objects, using audio and video resources and more.
  • Access to a library of developed team tasks with resources to them.
  • Access to an image gallery to develop your own digital resources.
  • Ability to upload multimedia content.


  • Classroom Resources
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Learning Materials

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