Download Projects from TechnoHub

31 May 2021

Download Projects from TechnoHub

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TechnoHub offers educators a convenient way to get the lessons and resources they need. TechnoHub is a digital library that organizes all your TechnoKids projects onto online bookshelves. There is no need to back up your files. You can access all the instructional materials anywhere, anytime.


  • Over 35 projects for Microsoft Office, Google, and programming.
  • Download one or multiple versions of the same project to match instructions to your software.
  • Project files are automatically updated with the latest content.
  • Customers with a TechnoKids Collection will have new projects added instantly to their bookshelf.
  • Stay current! Notifications keep you informed about important updates or new projects.
  • Access to TechnoHub is FREE with each product purchase.


  • E-Books
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Publishers
  • Coding
  • Learning Materials
  • Distributor/Reseller
  • Publishing

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