Deep Block AI Platform

Deep Block AI Platform

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Recently, the demand for AI technology is increasing in various industries, but AI technology is too difficult to understand, and AI tools on the market are designed in the form of software solution so that they can be used only in specific industry, or are too difficult to use. We solve these problems by providing a point and click AI model development tool and platform for non-computer science majors. Our AI platform, Deep Block, allows users to develop AI models without coding. We also developed AI education contents WITHOUT or LESS mathematics and codes so that non-AI professionals can easily understand how to use AI. Furthermore, Deep Block is not just an AI tool, it is an AI PLATFORM. Users can SHARE their AI models on the public marketplace. In addition, users can perform annotation with others for training dataset preparation, or users can use an AI model with their team through sharing their private AI project. Deep Block supports both Drag & Drop interface for inference and the inference API with its private GPU cloud.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Educational/Instructional Software

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